blenard azizaj - sacred scars 

Sacred Scars

Direction|Choreography: Blenard Azizaj
Concept: Blenard Azizaj & Phii Micheli
Music Composer: Stavros Gasparatos
Dramaturgy: Phii Micheli
Assistant: Willi Brozmann
Light Design: Christian Haiböck

Performed by: Silvia Salzmann, Natalie Fend, Carmen Pratzner, Verena Wohlrab, Dominik Feistmantl, Martin Birnbaumer, Carolina Fink

Produced by: netzwerkTanz/Dornbirn,Austria

The human body lives day by day with past experiences and recognition and dealing with them in order to make decisions about its future. Our bodies and our decisions are part of our being. The body continues to vibrate, creating connection and secrecy, a moment of touch, a sort of recognition: the scar can be exposed with utmost caution.  Sacred Scars offers deep hidden memorized scars in the body inside the consciousness memories.





Fleeting Feathers
Direction | Choreography: Blenard Azizaj

In collaboration with: Maya Gomez, Justyna Kalbarczyk, Élia Lopez, Amy Pender, Joel Suárez, Alexander Windner Lieberman, (Martijn Jolin)
Music composer: Stavros Gasparatos
Light design: Roger Rossell  
Dramaturgy: ΦMicheli
Premiered on 9.11.2016 in Karlsruhe, Germany for the Opening of the International Tempel Festival.

There is a place where the struggle, all kinds of struggle, set off: the space within.
Striving to accept who we are, what we are not, attempting to seek out through lingering memories the pathways we could not or did not dare walk. Memories we hold on to hermetically though there is a universe pregnant with a million possible destinies still open. Or so they say…  
They say one has to be strong and stay positive; follow your heart till it leads you to your dream. They don’t say a heart can break on the way, a spirit bend, a body fall, having to exist among others as a stranger, go through exclusion or contempt for being strange, or even having to live up to the expectations of being admired for being yourself. Can you imagine your body fall? Arms desperately outstretched looking to soften the impact. Fear of fall confronted. You’ve stared into the abyss. Deep breath taken, body straightened with honesty and passion. There’s the first step towards the great void.
Now you fly…