The metamorphoses 


A choreographic installation by Jonah Bokaer  Music by Stavros Gasparatos

Premiered at The Glass House New Canaan, NY


 On the occasion of its 10th Anniversary as a site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, The Glass House presented the World Premiere of The Metamorphoses, a new choreographic installation conceived by Jonah Bokaer Choreography. Inspired by Ovid’s eponymous poem. The Music for the project was composed by Stavros Gasparatos and presented in a fourteen channel audio installation designed by the composer.  The Metamorphoses will be staged specifically for the unique architecture and landscape of the Glass House site. The modular project will explore themes of disappearance, migration, water, forgotten peoples, and the way in which these ancient stories still resonate in the present.



Curator: Cole Akers

Choreographer: Jonah Bokaer

Music: Stavros Gasparatos

Dancers: Tal Adler-Arieli, Laura Gutierrez, James Koroni, Callie Lyons, James McGinn, Szabi Pataki, Sara Procopio, Betti Rollo

Costume: Joshua Katcher of Brave GentleMan

Date:  June 10, 2017

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