“Seven” is the album presentation of the soundtrack to a stage performance by Stavros Gasparatos. Mature, coherent and very subtle, it is a beautiful journey through sharp electronic music and modern classical instrumentation. Evocative and powerful, this album carries the richness of the original live show, creates a rich sonic imagery and takes its listeners along a mysterious but elegant story. Written for and performed with an ensemble of five other musicians around Stavros Gasparatos's instrumentation, “Seven” is a gentle, harmonic and subtly evolving story revolving around the concepts of the seven cardinal sins. Rather than taking the easy route of presenting seven dark and cliché-ridden pieces, it is a cohesive and mature journey threading around depths and joys, brushes of shadows and strokes of light. 

For the live performance of "Seven" Stavros Gasparatos  joins forces with paris mexis + stam vart to create a video performance that interacts both with the music and withGeorge Tellos’ lighting design.

Anastasis Misirlis: cello
Dionysis Vervitsiotis: violin
Themis Simvoulopoulos: vibraphone, classical percussion
Dimitris Hountis: soprano saxophone
Stavros Gasparatos: piano, live electronics
Video: paris mexis + stam vart
Lighting Design: George Tellos

“Seven” is released by Ad Noiseam.  / Buy "Seven"